Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Love & relationship can make people stupid

I was having an online conversation with one of my good buddies. Recently, he was plagued by a relationship problem which can be attributed to differing views on "long-term commitment plan between two lovebirds". Problem like this can really affect your concentration during work and losing hope in continuing the relationship. Here's how the conversation unfolded with nom de guerre:

Pierre: erm...is flexible d. today in bad condition to do work

me: huh, what u mean bad?

Pierre: erm...just heart still affect by recently issue facing

me: means u still care for her. not like us, want to care for a girl oso no chance

Pierre: few year is not easy to forget

me: yea. tats y u need to work hard on maintainence

Pierre: i should admit that

me: dun feel despair

Pierre: I really lose in her hand

me: relationship is abt 2 ppl working hard to maintain. be patient la. the time will come if she feels suitable. maybe u can try to find out more on what she wants

Pierre: yup, u're right. "nothing gonna change my love for you" is best express what I'm feeling now

me: haha, give both of urself sometime. see, dun force/mention this topic too often, give both of u some space. let things occur smoothly. the best u can do is 增进感情,打开她的心窗,when the r/ship is close enough, u'll get what u hope 4

Pierre: bro, serious speaking, u sound like professional love advisor now. what u said is exactly correct

me: eh...shame on me la, if im love expert, my good friend or Stephanie is ady my gf

Pierre: the word u said is correct n making a sense. I totally agree what u said

me: it's like work loh, if u work too much, too stress n no rest, u start to hate the job, like my previous job, i used to hate it so much bcoz of its time n no freedom at all, no time to yam cha with u all also, but now i look back, i realized there was sweet time oso, same thing like r/ship, if u stress both of u too much, r/ship sure will be affected. what im suggesting is, continue to b romantic, give in more sweet talk, dun stress her on the future. let both of u enjoy the time being together, with time like tat, both of u will like 老夫老妻ady. whether marry or not, the time will eventually come

Pierre: Bro, 真的很谢谢你, you totally 'wake me' up, you are right, you are perfect, what you said is what I forget to do now :(. unfortunately, without you mention, I almost forget it

me: yeah, u got a relationship to cherish, unlike single like me. so cherish it

Pierre: I'm such a lousy men

me: there's a song call "Cherish" by kool & the gang, u shud download n listen, read the lyric's meaning, then u'll appreciate

Pierre: old song?

me: yeah, 80's, tats y i cherish all my friends i know n keep in contact

Pierre: I really hope that time can back now

me: too bad some high school friends didnt contact much n walk different lives, until we all feel like strangers. no, i wont let that happen anymore. the time sure can come back

Pierre: after u get everything, I start to lose myself

me: if u put in effort, date her this weekend, go somewhere else, talking heart 2 heart, tell her how much important she is to u

Pierre: I feel very guilty to her, what I'm doing recently, when I facing problem with her, at the same time, Linda comes back to look for me

me: stay focus

Pierre: then I start to chat more with Linda

me: dun be like me, career wise 三心两意,how 2 progress?

Pierre: I'm fuck n lousy man

me: i dun wan the same thing happened to me happen to u. remember what was the purpose u chase her? 当初的约定?

Pierre: yup

me: n she returned her love to u, dun betray that feelings

Pierre: I start to disturb her life first. now when we get used to each other. I start to ask for more. what I'm doing now. fuck man. I ald lose myself

me: no, ur not disturbing her, u were bringing happiness to her n u will still bringing happiness to her. tats all u do

Pierre: I will chase her back. I should keep the distance with ching yee

me: yeah, make clear of the status

Pierre: I should be loyal to her even though we facing relationship problem

me: meantime, apologize to her if u offended her

Pierre: I'm fuck. how can I make a girl cry. this shouldn't be happen

me: How did u fuck up?

Pierre: I'm fuck. I really is a big bad man. I shouldn't said sth hurt her n ignore her. I shouldn't pressure her

me: have u apologize yet? if not, better do it. Otherwise, you're the biggest douche of the universe

Pierre: I'm really lose myself

me: tell her tonight. tat u were sorry on what u said

Pierre: ok guy. thanks a lot. I think I should back home now

me: u said silly things bcoz u care too much 4 her

Pierre: prepare what I should do. what am I doing all the times b4

me: yeah, good luck to u tonight man!

Pierre: if don't have a girl accompany with me

me: remember, sincere apologize wins her heart back

Pierre: what is the pt that u get everytjhing. thanks guy

me: yeah, tats y i feel life is hopeless

Pierre: I really appreciate for ur help

me: i wish somebody like my good friend r there to support me. ur different. remember Appreciate her!
Cherish. i also go la, all the best mate!

Pierre: ok

To anyone bothers to read this, yeah, I guess there are times we act stupid and silly because of the very complex notion called love. I used to be so naive that love could exclusively mean happiness. Nah, it makes people feel despair, frustrated, envious and worse, leading to relationship chasm that might not be mended. And from the message above, you can see that I was being sentimental too! Hah! Guess that's part of life to make us more like... a human.

Oh funny part is, i was called relationship expert?? Oh please, i was spending my valentine alone for decades and I was bestowed by an undeserved honor.

Stupidity level: Indefinite.

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