Sunday, February 27, 2011

Ubisoft is bringing you We Dare ... to be stupid?

Ok, what is seen cannot be unseen. I'm not really sure what is this all about. It seems that it may have collections of erotic minigames that may act like a great foreplay setting to stoke the flame of  love and desires.

From the trailer, we can see the gameplay involves mooching the wiimote (wii's controller), shoving up wiimote up your partner's butt and spanking it. This game even challenges you for striptease!

There's a lot curiosity on this game. I wonder how the QA team is going to beta test this game? How does single player play? By jacking off the wiimote? Wait, must I really take off my shirt for the striptease challenge? Oh, does the game come with the girls?

It's kinda stupid to me because how Nintendo is going to sell this to its core demographics? Wait, I got an update, this game is rated PEGI 12. So, it's like "Daddy, where is muh wiimote?" or "Daddy, can I have this for Christmas?" Well, what better way to teach sex ed than a video game?

Stupidity level: 9/10 (really hate the awkward acting in this trailer, but the chicks do look good)

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