Monday, February 14, 2011

Teen idol drama/movie - just find it stupid...

A teen idol movie titled "Crazy Little Thing Called Love"

I can find millions of reasons of why teen idol drama/movie is stupid. The first and foremost is it always uses the same old formulaic way of narration: ugly Betty meets her prince charming, falls in love at first sight,  does a lot of things to impress prince charming, somehow somewhere in the middle of the story--she gets pretty, then somehow again prince charming finds that he has feeling for her too and the movie ends with both confessing their feelings for each other after which they would hug and kiss. wait, isn't that awfully similar to Cinderella story and multitudes of teen idol romantic dramas churned out by Taiwan and Korea??

I don't understand. It just doesn't make sense. How come people still wanna pay for a movie with a story that unfolds so predictably as easy as guessing the outcome of a soccer game between Brazil and Malaysia? By just watching the trailer, you'll know how the story goes and save the $14 ticket maybe for some massage therapy. To make my argument even solid, the acting is usually bad (see the trailer), poor side plot (likely there's another ugly teacher falls in love with another male colleague), low production values, etc etc. I so wish I could write a "better" bad review, can Roger Ebert do this for me??

Stupidity level: 8/10

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