Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Definition of Stupid

I've been doing some blogging with "stupidity" being the theme of my blog. So what defines "stupid"? According to online version of Oxford Dictionaries (self-proclaimed world's most trusted dictionaries?), stupid is normally used as adjective:

  • lacking intelligence or common sense:I was stupid enough to think she was perfect
  • dazed and unable to think clearly:apprehension was numbing her brain and making her stupid
  • informal used to express exasperation or boredom:
  • she told him to stop messing about with his stupid painting

This is a sentence built by me using "stupid" as an adjective: I am too fucking stupid to learn HTML code and that's why I couldn't make this blogging site looks attractive nor I could rectify the alignment of the above paragraph. 

Or, it can be used as a noun:
a stupid person (often used as a term of address):you're not a coward, stupid!Ah, building sentence using "stupid" as noun, this is easy: The police officers involved in the investigation of the death of Teoh Beng Hock are stupids.
And a little history of the origin of "stupid":

mid 16th century: from French stupide or Latin stupidus, from stupere 'be amazed or stunned'.  (wow, I feel stupere that "stupid" is derived from French!)

If readers (if any) are still scratching heads over how to use the term "stupid", here are some examples that best epitomize "stupidity": Muammar Gadafi, the cops at Teoh Beng Hock's inquest, some republicans, hatred stirring racists and those who defended them. I think, "retard" is the more appropriate term on them. I guess, idiots run the world.

                                       The idiot who is running Libya
So my blog, like I mentioned before, will be composed with articles surrounding idiots and the idiotic acts perpetrated by them. Their stupidity will be rated with a scale of 10. As of now, I still can't think of a cool name for my scale of stupidity. To avoid further tax on my brain power, I'll just resort to the very cheesy sounding "stupidometer". 
Oh, and the stupidometer rating for people mentioned above: 10/10 duds.

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