Friday, March 4, 2011

Girl, would you accept a little gift from a stupid me?

Do you have a BFF? Ya know, Best Friends Forever? Or, to be crude a little bit, "Best Fucking Friends" as in "Dude, you're the best fucking friend a guy could've ever had!"?  You may have exchange or buy a BFF pendant (as shown below) for your dearest friend as a commemoration for the friendship.

Too bad, I'm a cheapskatest friend a guy/girl could've ever had. See that Spongebob Squarepants button badge above? It's a custom made button badge I ordered for my friend. I got it for free because some guy fucked up my T-shirt order and offered me to print a button badge as a reimbursement. Then I was thinking, hmm, yeah, I could came up with a design that might impress my BFF. As it happened, Spongebob is her favorite cartoon character (wonder why so many girls like spongebob), so what else could be better than Spongebob to appear on a custom BFF button badge? So I chose this design and added a "BFF" tagline and asked that guy to print for me. I HAD ALSO SPECIFICALLY TOLD HIM THAT IF THE RESULT OF THE PRINTED BUTTON ISN'T AESTHETICALLY IMPRESSIVE, PLEASE INFORM ME TO REDESIGN.

Alas, when I received this BFF button badge today, IT LOOKS AESTHETICALLY UN-IMPRESSIVE! Look at the word "Best", it is so close to the button's edge and it literally destroys the whole aesthetic sense of the design. It looks as if the portrait of Mona Lisa had a big black mole the size of a Strepsils lonzenge underneath her lips! Cockshut, if I knew this would happen, I would just put that BFF tagline underneath Spongebob and Patrick. Man, that guy who printed this button badge could have just redesign it and print it properly!

So what done has been done. When I pass this BFF button badge to my BFF, hope her excitement over spongebob could cloud her artistic sense (I guess a gold pendant featuring spongebob would do a much better job).

Stupidometer of my mistake: 6/10.  


  1. Oh btw, thanks for all your nice comments :P

  2. Oh well, that is stupid. Even spongebob itself looks stupid! Welcome to the blogsphere!

  3. Never did like spongebob .... especially that annoying under the sea spongebob theme song ... hehe

  4. Cina: your welcome :)

    Jam: Thanks for visiting and your comment! Oh come on, be cool! I kinda like it though.

    Jay: maybe you're not a girl? haha!

  5. Can i have that spongebob badge? hehe..It's really cute. plsss...

  6. Bunny, we're not BFF, so.... nope. Haha! It's the one and only one in the world.

    Anyway, if you know how to print a badge or know someone can do so, I can pass the PSD file to you :).