Thursday, March 3, 2011

Stupid school name

How could you not LOL at this school's name when you saw this while scouting high schools for your children? Sorry, I'm a sucker for adult jokes, this really makes my day.

It seems that the school has to use a permanent IP address as their domain name to get it through the naughty adult content firewall. Why wouldn't they change the school name is beyond my knowledge.

Oh, parents, don't be intimidated by its sexually innuendo name. They achieved their best exam results ever on last year and they promise to work harder to deliver higher quality of education to your children. I like their enthusiasm. You may consider to send your kids to Cockshut Hill College, let them have an international exposure to foreign cultures by joining their summer camp. If you're interested, please contact:

Cockshut Hill College
Cockshut Hill
Birmingham B26 2HX
Tel: 0121 464 2122 
Fax: 0121 464 2354

Oh, as for their stupid name:

Stupidometer: 7/10, school's name just crack me up, so, no full score for them :(

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