Saturday, March 12, 2011

The quake that shook Japan and the world

Yesterday, an earthquake of magnitude 8.9 tremor off the coast of Japan. It was not a typical earthquake that a Japanese would feel "another day, another earthquake". It was the most serious earthquake occurred in Japan since 1923 and it shook the hearts of all minds all around the world. I stood horrified in front of the TV by the scale of the damage & loss of the event. To compound my grievances, there was another earthquake erstwhile in Yunnan province of China, which have taken multiple lives and hundreds of thousands are forced evacuate. The people in Japan are in my thoughts today and as well as those who may be affected by the ensuing tidal waves. It was a very bad day and the tragedy is far from over as there is fear of nuclear meltdown amidst the rescue mission and evacuation.

This tragedy puts all the little grievances we complain about in our daily lives in perspective. Mother nature has shown us, from time to time, how small we are and how quickly it can all be taken away.

                                The Lord giveth and taketh away

I was thinking, two earthquakes occurred in a day at different places. But it seems obvious that Japan's unfortunate event caught way more attention from the world than the one which also affected the lives of thousands of Chinese? Is it simply because the scale of the event in China isn't up to the par like in Japan? Dude, both are natural disasters that may took lives! Yeah, there was Tsunami swarming the coast of Honshu, potential nuclear meltdown, something like you are rewatching 2012, but the victims in China also need to be treated with the same PR attention too. Why there was such a PR bias? I hope I'll write about this topic in near distant future.

Also, I was also shocked by many insensitive individuals who showed no empathy and how ugly & juvenile their corrupted minds can be. Look at what I saw when I was finding for latest updates of the quake:

I got this stingy sensation in both my eyes and my brain when I read those callous and cold-hearted comments on the news channel of PPTV. You don't need to guess where are those legion of foolish Nationalists are from. I am awed by these, so called  中国愤青's (angry Chinese teen), of how the pride of ethnic nationalism and ugly sentiment of historical burden that is carried for more than 6 decades can overcome the humane side of compassion toward people's suffering. I bet they are the same fellows who play Playstation 3, still dreaming on driving his first Honda/Toyota, oogling and wanking over Japanese AV idol, and having Sora Aoi appearing in their wet dreams. There is no way to dissuade these people to forgo their 6-decade of hate and animosity. Therefore, to these 中国愤青, please put your angst aside, stop flaming hatred and --

Stupidometer of 中国愤青: 10/10


  1. The comments from pptv are truly shocking.
    I cannot believe how shallow-minded these people can be to hold a grudge at a time like this.

  2. Hi 以柔. Neither do I. I'm also quite mad at how double standard the cyber security of PRC is. They censor anything that goes against PRC but not the ugly sentiments toward Japan? Well, though this is nothing new, I'm still mad over it.