Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Stupidest job title

As I'm currently unemployed, searching jobs over internet is now part of my daily chores and certainly, a fretting one. Here's what I've stumbled on today:

See that? A Job called 'Fresh Graduates". Yes, I know. You might have heard of stupid job titles like "Waste Removal Engineer" (garbage man), "Domestic Engineer" (housewife), "Vision Clearance Executive" (windows cleaner), etc. But... I mean.... COME ON!!! Since when Fresh Graduates is a job?? All they do are study hard and get a good GPA, slacking, trying luck to score with girls (in my case, I failed), and doing projects at last minute. IT IS NOT A FUCKING JOB. THEY DON'T GET PAID FOR DOING THIS. IN FACT, GRADUATES LIKE ME ARE BURDENED WITH STUDY LOAN.

Apparently, the one who advertised this on Jobstreet was a recruitment company called "Walren". They put up a fancy introduction of themselves as below:

"Have you ever put on a pair of glasses with the wrong prescription? Everything is fuzzy and out-of-focus. It's similar to many people's job search attempts... a mass fax and email to every Tom, Dick and hiring authority, with a lack of focus. Think of Walren as your career optometrist, fitting you with that perfect job. Our professional, confidential and consultative approach allows us to fully understand your needs and develop an action plan to meet your goals. We are committed to providing you with feedback throughout the process. We will provide you the briefing on the client and its requirements, we will let you know where you are placed in the selection process; and we will give you positive, constructive advice on the results."

Seriously dude, Fresh grad isn't a job. In fact, they're the majority pussies in the unemployment pool. If you're the career optometrist, I bet you'd do a LASIK that'd fuck up my career's vision. Walren, please be serious on your recruiting advertisement.

Stupidometer: 7/10 (Damn Jobstreet, can't you do a little bit better upon the screening process?)

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