Sunday, March 20, 2011

Twats of the week (13-19 Mac 2011)

A week after the onerous earthquake & nuclear meltdown crisis at Japan, I'm still seeing people who used this event as a source of humour and they think the audience may find it funny. No, the public found you guys retarded and watching you guys trying to joke are like watching Arnold Schwarzenegger trying his best to act funny in Kindergarten Cop. So flat the jokes are like my mom's ironing board. 

Hence, for committing the crime of boring people till our facial muscles sagging as long as Sarah Jessica Parker's,  these unfunny chaps have made my inaugural list of the twats for the week (13-19 Mac 2011):

1. Again, some stupid chinese youth with false sense of patriotism, evidence of mental retardation:

However, not all chinese youth got their brains dumbed down by industrial polluted stinky tofu, I still managed to find some from China with conscience:

2. Salt hoarders. Idiots who made up of the demographic are mainly Chinese (PRC & HK) and some Americans. These retards believe that increase intake of iodized salt could serve as antidote to exposure of radiation. Another reason for the panic is the rumor that nuclear radiation has leaked into the sea compromising the safety of salt taken from the water in the future. Little they do know is that the negative consequences of high intake of salt -- high blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases such as Left Ventricular Hypertrophy, increasing the workload of kidneys and developing kidney stones, things that make you pee blood in toilet. Panic can really cause people go bonker and believing every SMS/tweet/facebook wall post they read without checking the veracity of rumours spread.  

3. 50 cent. Never expect to hear anything intelligent from a lame rapper. But his tweet trumped his previous retard exploits:

4. Mohd Zohri Sukimi (aka Zoy) with his antic featuring an Ultraman running away from Tsunami. Any humour? Nope, I see a dead career of a cartoonist. What baffled me even more was how did the group editor of Berita Harian, Datuk Mior Kamarul Shahid himself did not see that this will create a very bad PR image to his press? So, from Berita Harian, we have two journalist retards bringing the news to Malaysia. We're pretty dumb as a nation already, stop feeding us with stupid columns and news.

5. I don't know who Gilbert Gottfried is. He got himself losing a job for his untimely jokes on the event. 

Honorable Mention:

Me, for frying my motherboard's network adapter when I was downloading files during heavy storm, and I also got my car battery wasted for leaving the spotlights switched on for 4 hours. NEVER EVER LEAVE YOUR COMPUTER WHEN THE HEAVEN IS CLAPPING AND FLASHING AND CHECK FOR SPOTLIGHTS WHENEVER THE CAR IS PARKED.

Average stupidometer for saps mentioned above: 10/10 (equivalent to IQ of I Am Sam)

When confronting stupidity of twats above...

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